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The code was developed on MSVC 16.9-16.11, MSVC 17.2-17.9, GCC 10.2-14.1, and Clang 11-18, so may be assumed it will work on future releases of these compilers. Minimum required ISO C++ standard is C++20. The Qt framework version used during development was 5.15.2 and >=6.2.


Be aware that the standard support for the last release of the Qt 5 series ended on 26. May 2023. [1][2]


The TinyORM will support Qt versions that aren't end-of-life.


You can view the supported database servers in the Database - Getting Started section.

Install dependencies

On Linux, you can install dependencies with the package manager.

MySQL C library
Arch   - pacman -S mariadb-libs
Gentoo - emerge dev-db/mysql (package.use: -server -perl)
Ubuntu - apt install libmysqlclient-dev
range-v3 library (header only)
Arch   - pacman -S range-v3
Gentoo - emerge dev-cpp/range-v3
Ubuntu - apt install librange-v3-dev
Arch   - pacman -S ccache
Gentoo - emerge dev-util/ccache
Ubuntu - apt install ccache