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Features Summary

Summary List​

The following list fastly summarizes all TinyORM features.

  • simple database connections management đŸ§Ŧ
    • database manager that helps with the database connections management
    • Orm::DB facade class for nicer and shorter syntax
    • MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL support for all features
    • multi-threading support 👀
  • overhauled query builder 🔧
    • allows passing sub-queries and raw expressions practically everywhere, to column names, values, and to every SQL clause as select, where, joins, group by, having, order by đŸ”Ĩ
    • a logical grouping that offers to wrap logical groups in parenthesis
    • chunked results for lower memory footprint ✨
    • raw methods for all SQL clauses
    • all join types (left, right, cross, inner) and also join where clause support đŸĢ¤
    • aggregate methods min, max, sum, increment, decrement, ...
    • whereExists and exists methods for an existence queries
    • transactions and pessimistic locking 🔒
    • of course, insert, update, and delete SQL clauses support
  • clever ORM with all relation types support 🎉
    • one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relation types (also inverse relationships)
    • eager and lazy loading with custom select and constraints 🚀
    • all query builder methods are proxied from the model instances and also from the relation instances back to the query builder đŸ¤¯ (everything that can be called on the query builder can also be called on the model and relation instances)
    • clean active record pattern
    • advanced features like timestamps, touching parent timestamps, soft deleting, default models, and default model attributes
    • querying relationships existence/absence using the has, whereHas, and hasNested methods (using dot notation for selecting nested relationships users.posts.comments)
  • compiled database migrations and seeders đŸ•ē
    • create, update, drop, and rename database tables
    • create, drop, and rename table columns
    • extensive schema builder that allows creating of all possible column types
    • terser syntax for creating foreign keys and foreign key constraints
    • supports creating, and dropping column indexes (primary, unique, fulltext, spatial)
  • the tom console application with tab completion for all shells (pwsh, bash, zsh) đŸĨŗ
    • scaffolding of models, migrations, and seeders
    • overhauled models scaffolding, every feature that is supported by models can be generated using the tom make:model cli command
  • a huge amount of code is unit tested, currently 1476 unit tests đŸ¤¯
  • C++20 only, with all the latest features used like concepts/constraints, ranges, smart pointers (no new keyword in the whole code 😎), folding expressions
  • qmake and CMake build systems support
  • vcpkg support (also the vcpkg port, currently not committed to the vcpkg repository ☚ī¸)
  • it's really fast, you can run 1000 complex queries in 500ms (heavily DB dependant, the PostgreSQL is by far the fastest) ⌚
  • extensive documentation 📃
  • ...

Showcase Images​

Tom console application​
TinyORM - Tom console application - Showcase
Passed all unit tests đŸĨŗ​
TinyORM - Passed all unit tests - Showcase
TinyOrmPlayground single-threaded​
TinyORM - Invoked TinyOrmPlayground single-threaded - Showcase
TinyOrmPlayground multi-threaded​
TinyORM - Invoked TinyOrmPlayground multi-threaded - Showcase