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TinyORM is a modern C++ ORM library that makes interacting with a database extremely simple. It depends on the QtCore and QtSql libraries.

The code is written in the modern C++20 way and is heavily tested with 3366 unit and functional tests. Almost all the query builder methods are unit tested. The TinyORM's query builder code and the code which is responsible for obtaining relationships, is tested by functional tests against all supported databases. The code coverage is good enough to guarantee API and behavior compatibility.


For a quick look at what's inside, check out the Features Summary.


If you don't want to use full ORM, then you can use only the Query Builder, which is outstanding. 🔥 This way you can avoid writing raw SQL queries and your code will run on all supported databases.

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Current versions
  • TinyORM v0.37.3
  • tom v0.9.1
  • TinyDrivers v0.1.1
  • TinyMySql v0.1.1